For the sake of mineral

How long before you notice
the separate chairs laid out
in the sun-brightened patio;
stalks as many as the flowers;

radishes you pluck
from the earth salty
with your tears.

You thought his palms were cupped
just below your face
like someone being bestowed
with holy water to drink,

and he would gently surprise you,
tending to them as petals
from the cathedral,
sliding them
between his blank pages.

How long before you walk over
to oblige the flickering strangers
across the fence slats
hovering clearly now
like buttressed tendrils,

marvelling at the majestic creature
that you are,
the royalty you fetched
after a young man
found your emotion too inspiring.

How long before you realise
you are a lone root,
going deeper with each step
into the damp, dark clay.


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