Quick guide to proposals

Proposals should be quick.
Elaborateness can wait

Important parts need to be said
first, almost spitted out
since you won’t be able to control
the stutter.

Strewing is all you can do,
and then hoping
that your beloved picks up
the words one by one
in the right order.

Going places

Places remain the same. They don’t
become anymore interesting or
boring overnight.

It’s only when certain people come
visiting that you feel like going
to those places with them.

People impart places their existence.

How you like ’em superheroes

How you like ’em Batman,
Ironman, and Superman
when you realise they’ve not been made
by a mad scientist or a crazy lover,
but in one way or the other,
by a clever Businessman.

How you like ’em now.

If you think it’s the principles
they stand for, do you not
know of the ways the society
works on you.

How you like it now.